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"There's no substitute for exceptional experience!"

Diplomat Protection Group® is an official source for private security, armed bodyguards, close protection, professional villa security & highly professional chauffeurs in Ibiza & Mykonos - with operational capability in many of the Jet-Set resorts around the Mediterranean & Winter operations in Courchevel 1850 & St. Moritz.

Established in 1997 - DPG is a British owned Private Security Group with more than 23 years experience providing personal protection within the Luxury Travel industry. We specialise in providing private security to high-profile travellers on vacation & leisure trips.

What makes us different?

We work in an environment with unique & challenging issues for the client & for a security provider. With the decades of experience we have in this environment, we deliver the correct levels of safety & privacy in a calm & relaxed manner - allowing YOU to truly relax & enjoy your vacation.

Are we the best option? You decide...

Diplomat Protection Group engage in a higher level of personal security - not normally associated with the private sector. Our senior team members have worked at Government level & bring this superior experience to the commercial security industry.

  • We have been operational in Ibiza for 23 years. We are the longest standing, professional private security company in this region of the Mediterranean.

  • Mykonos is suffering the same problems that Ibiza & St. Tropez have endured for many years. Transfering our knowledge & vast experience with these problems - we can apply an instant solution for our clientele spending time in Mykonos. We are now entering year 3 of our operations in Mykonos.

  • One of our senior members served as an instructor for the UK's Special Forces - training specialized units of the Special Air Service - preparing operators for specific roles including Close Protection (VIP Bodyguard) and other high risk security operations. As the most experienced member of DPG, his responsibilities include training standards & evaluation of staff throughout our own network of security operatives.

  • Our local Director & Regional Management Team are of equally superior backgrounds with 'real' experience & hard-wired skills.

  • Security Operatives within DPG are of the highest calibre that you will find throughout the industry... with 'environment-specific-training' & operational experience second to none.

  • We recruit from related fields & industries - retraining only the most suitable personnel for Bodyguarding and related private security services.

  • There are many different levels of security available privately in Ibiza - all catering for different types of clientele. Our regular clientele return to us year after year because our style of service best matches their concerns & expectations.

  • DPG cater for individuals & groups who take their privacy & security seriously & require what we offer. The standards we work to are noticeably different - this becomes clear in unique & challenging environments like Mykonos & Ibiza.

  • We applying a rhythm & style of service unique to our company... this is impossible to duplicate without exceptional experience in this area of the VIP Security industry - and our clients continue to comment on their positive experience with our team members.

You may be wondering why you haven't hired us before... the answer is simple:

We came to Mykonos at the request of our existing clientele. We've spent the past two Summers providing services exclusivey to them - without promoting our services locally.

We haven't established any collaborations with local agencies & Concierge in Mykonos - therefore nobody would have recommended us to you. Most Concierge will have their own (profitable) collaborations in place for security services. Our vast experience tells us that clientele who take their privacy & safety seriously will find & contact us directly.

Having established a local network for credible intelligence - we're now opening our doors to new clientele suffering continued issues with privacy & security in Mykonos.